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Proclamation Request

Schedule A4 t
o the Township of Russell Procedural By-law


This request form applies to community groups registered within Prescott-Russell and residents only.


Directions on Making a Proclamation Request to Council

  1. Pursuant to the Procedural By-law of Council, all Proclamation requests shall be approved at a Regular Meeting of Council.

  2. Regular meetings of Council shall be held on the First (1st) and Third (3rd) Mondays of every month, commencing at (6:00 p.m.) with the exceptions of the month of January, where there will be one (1) regular meeting held on the third (3rd) Monday of the month, the month of July, where there will be no regular meeting, and the month of August where there will be one (1) regular meeting held on the second (2nd) last Monday of the month. In the event that such a day falls on a holiday, Council shall meet at the same hour on the next following day, which is not a public or civic holiday, unless otherwise provided by Resolution of Council.

  3. Any community group registered within Prescott-Russell or resident of the Township of Russell desiring to request a proclamation shall complete the Form below and submit it to the Clerk of The Township of Russell at or at the Town Hall, no later than Thursday (11 days prior to the meeting date) at 4:00 p.m., to be included in the final preparation of the Agenda.

To request a paper copy of the application form, contact the Municipal Clerk.


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